Sunday, January 30, 2011

Buggy Barn Crazy Day!

Today was the day, it was Buggy Barn Crazy Day at our local quilt shop.
This was my first Buggy Barn class and it was a good day which inlucded a huge potluck...we sewed and ate all day! What could be better?
As I mentioned before I chose to make the Crazy Christmas Tree Skirt. Here is my finished skirt top!

My colour palette is green, brown, mustard and red. My favourite block has to be the brown paisley with the gold star. I love it. The paisley was actually the last fabric I chose for this piece, and was a last ditch option to fill in with a brown. Who knew it would become my favourite?
Now I'm going to shop for some brown fabric for the backing and the binding. I just love it. It's about 45 inches square.
I have lots of the fabric left over so I'm going to sew up some Christmas ornaments for next years tree. Throw in some primitive style cross stitch pieces and I'll have the most wonderful tree.
Note to self: buy more paisley. I checked, the bolt I bought this fabric off of is gone! If I had only known...

Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by, take care and have a great week!


aubirdwoman said...

roll on Christmas, but I guess you could always use it on the table with a nice bowl or jug in the centre. Looks great.
ohhh I love paisley too.

Poppyprint said...

There is nothing more satisfying than finishing a project 10 months in advance of it's required date. Go Viv!

Shelly said...

I love that paisley, too. I have some in my stash! I couldn't resist, and I don't even have a project in mind!